Perfusion Bioreactor

Undergraduate Capstone Project – Team Work

Solidworks Prototype of the bioreactor and its lid. The microfluidic chamber of the bioreactor is where cells are placed and fluid passes through.

Some Engineering Simulations to Analyze Mechanism – Shown here are the velocity magnitude and pressure contour in the fluid chamber

Fabricated Model

Fabrication Method – Stereolithography

Final Product is assembled and then introduced into a flow system.

Purpose of project – to study cell remodeling and evaluate shear stress in specific human cells

Skills – Product research, Brainstorming, Solidworks (CAD), Simulation, Prototyping, Data Analysis, CFD, 3D printing, Biomechanics

Main Role – Solidwork Design and Engineering Analysis

Done at UT Arlington, TX under Dr Chuong’s Supervision. Teammates – Fariha Syeda Hossain and Chizuam Ubeh.

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